About HKND Group

HKND Group is a privately-held international infrastructure development firm headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Managua, Nicaragua. HKND Group’s team has extensive experience in construction management and infrastructure development.

HKND Group is led by its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Wang Jing, a successful businessman and investor with over twenty years of experience building successful enterprises.

HKND Group is committed to operating according to international best practices in terms of transparency and accountability.  In partnership with the government of Nicaragua, HKND Group is focused on the development of the Nicaragua Canal and Development Project – a major infrastructure project with the potential to transform global trade, and make Nicaragua a pivotal hub for transportation and logistics.

Chairman’s Message

The Partnership between HKND Group and the Government of Nicaragua

Biography of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Wang Jing

Biography of Chief Project Advisor, Bill Wild

Biography of HKND Spokesperson, Ronald MacLean-Abaroa

Biography of Head of Engineering, Neil Murchie Hodge