Neil Murchie Hodge

Head of Engineering
HKND Group

neil_hodgeWith more than 40 years in the construction industry, Neil Hodge has led the design and development of significant engineering ventures across the globe, directing complex, state-of-the-art infrastructure projects employing international standards of best practice.

Mr. Hodge is serving HKND Group as Head of Engineering of the Nicaragua Canal and Development Project.

Over the course of his distinguished career, Mr. Hodge has worked for some of the world’s leading contractors, designing and directing diverse civil engineering projects including on and off-shore construction projects, road and rail development, utility linkage, oil and gas projects and major marine construction. Mr. Hodge served as a project director and consultant on significant ventures in Australia, India, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and South Africa for various Leighton Group Companies and Christiani & Nielsen, and has headed up joint ventures incorporating many of the world’s largest engineering groups. His work has involved close collaboration and negotiation with leaders in business and government to find solutions to complex challenges of every scale and scope. He has consistently demonstrated his ability to keep projects on track and on schedule.

In recent years, Mr. Hodge has played a significant role in establishing a presence for the Australia-based Leighton Group in the offshore oil and gas industry worldwide. He headed up the marine construction team on the Front End Engineering Design for the giant Browse LNG development in Western Australia. He has also been consulting for the Singapore-based Sembawang Engineers and Constructors on projects in Southeast Asia and providing management advice for construction projects in Australia for Flagstaff Wild Consultants.

Among his many projects, Mr. Hodge served as project director for the Lantau Expressway Joint Venture in Hong Kong, a HK$5.5 billion multi-disciplinary project that involved huge quantities of dredging and reclamation, seawall construction, road, rail and utility construction. He was involved in managing the start-up of the longest highway tunneling project in India (in Jammu-Kashmir), managed the bidding process for major offshore projects in Hong Kong, India, Dubai, Indonesia and Malaysia, and was project director for the JERP project, a US$250 million contract with the Reliance Group for the design and installation of three single point mooring terminals in India. Mr. Hodge was also responsible for management of the contract for the design and construction of new aviation fuel supply facilities for the Hong Kong International Airport. Earlier in his career, Mr. Hodge’s expertise was in design and site construction work for various marine projects in Australia and South Africa.

Mr. Hodge has also served with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Yemen, where he managed the construction of refugee camps.