Our Mission

HKND Group’s mission is to oversee the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a new canal and transportation hub in Nicaragua. The Nicaragua Grand Canal and Development Project will provide shipping companies and customers with a compelling option for trade and transport that will enhance the efficiency and cost effectiveness of global trade.

At HKND Group, the following principles will guide our actions as we undertake this important project:
 • Integrity — openness, transparency and honesty
 • Respect for people
 • International engagement and participation
 • Culture of harmony and cooperation
 • Economic benefit and value creation across all stakeholder groups
 • Sensitivity to social and environmental impact

Consistent with these principles, HKND Group holds all of its employees and representatives to international best practices as we develop a world-class project that is intended to:
 • Deliver significant benefits to Nicaragua and all of its people;
 • Generate local training and job growth and promote local and regional economic development;
 • Protect the natural ecosystems and wildlife of Nicaragua;
 • Respect the local population, culture, and heritage of the country;
 • Serve the best interests of the region;
 • Facilitate the efficient flow of international trade and shipping.
HKND Group is engaged in intense analysis and consultations to ensure that the engineering, economic, financial, social, and environmental aspects of the Nicaragua Canal and Development Project are carefully developed. HKND Group is working with a global team of experts with deep experience and capabilities in each of these areas to promote:
 • International participation and involvement in every aspect of the project, encompassing financing, construction, logistics and related areas.
 • Competitive tendering processes consistent with international best practices for fairness and openness for each phase of work;
 •Inclusion of qualified Nicaraguan, regional and international firms in each tender.

We believe the Nicaragua Canal and Development Project represents a tremendous opportunity to transform global trade and ignite a new era of growth and opportunity for Nicaragua, its people, and the entire region. We are committed to executing the project with integrity, openness and respect so that it creates the greatest possible economic and social benefit for all.