Chairman's Message

Cross-border trade has been a hallmark of international commerce since the discovery of the New World in the 15th Century and the new sea routes to the East. The improvement of ship transport since that time through the development of new technologies, such as the steamboat, has resulted in the rapid development of maritime shipping which forms the cornerstone of this cross-border trade. Aggregate maritime trade accounts for about 90% of all international trade volume in today’s global economy. For generations, mankind has relentlessly sought to identify more convenient routes for maritime trade to shorten shipping distance, reduce transportation costs and enhance transportation efficiency and safety. However, increasing demand by global shipping cannot be met because of historical reasons, geographical conditions and limited engineering technologies. It has become imperative to develop and construct a wider and deeper Interoceanic Canal to support bigger ships and achieve greater efficiency. Accordingly, the long held aspirations of the Nicaraguan people for the Grand Canal emerges in response to this demand. With the full support from the Government of Nicaragua and from friends in all industries and all regions, we are committed to the proper design, construction and operation of the Nicaragua Canal. We will fulfill our duties scrupulously to perform our mission of developing Nicaraguan and Central American regional economy and improving the future of maritime trade between east and west. All our actions will be guided by the principles of respecting sovereignty, protecting the environment, benefiting people and promoting the economy and, all of our works will be undertaken in the spirit of openness, fairness, integrity and transparency.

It is the responsibility of myself and the team to duly organize, execute and operate the Nicaragua canal. We are truly honored to undertake this project and we clearly realize its importance and challenges. Mankind has been undertaking relentless efforts to realise self-transcendence. The essential traits of human nature such as wisdom, courage, perseverance and tolerance come together during the growth of mankind and the development of society, creating more and more opportunities in the world. While there are challenges associated with the project, we will move forward with full confidence. Throughout ancient and modern history, each beginning of a new era and each accomplishment of an epoch-making milestone is a triumph of meeting challenges that inspires us to continuously charge forward. Let us join together in mankind’s never ending call for self-improvement. Let us take responsibility for leading the future and serving the world and make strides towards the success of this project and a better world. We will change the world. Realizing this dream will bring more happiness, more freedom, and more joy to the world.

HKND Group     
Chairman and CEO Wang Jing
June 14 2013