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HKND Group meets with Nicaraguan Labor Union Federations 2014-9-12 14:24

Representatives of HKND Group, concessionaire of the Nicaragua Interoceanic Grand Canal, met with leaders and representatives of labor union federations on September 8, 2014 in Nicaragua. The two sides pleasantly exchanged views.

Leaders and representatives of the syndicated workers reiterated their support for the mega Canal Project. They proposed the creation of a special task force to analyze the jobs demand in the process of construction and operation of the Project, and to conduct relevant training programs, aiming to meet the demand of the Grand Canal Comprehensive Development Project and its sub-projects in the future, thereby strengthening ties and developing mutual cooperation. 

HKND Group reiterated its commitment to invest in the project of the Grand Canal of Nicaragua. They explained that the estimated cost of the mega project is 50 billion dollars, which will require 50 thousand jobs during construction, projected to last five years, and 200 thousand jobs in the post construction phase of the Grand Canal Comprehensive Development Project and its sub-projects. HKND Group wishes to benefit the majority of the working population in Nicaragua and improve their standard of living.

HKND Group delegation was headed by the Deputy General Manager of Public Relations, Mr. Bernard Li. From the labor unions, participated Roberto González, Secretary General of the Sandinista Labor Union (Central Sandinista de Trabajadores - CST), Luis Cabrera, Head of Public Relations of the CST and Silvio Martinez, Political Secretary of the Nicaraguan Labor Union (Central Nicaragüense de Trabajadores - CNT).