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Meeting with AmCham Nicaragua 2014-9-14 14:32

On September 10, 2014, the Deputy General Manager of Public Relations Department of HKND Group, Bernard Li, met with the Investment and Commerce Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce of Nicaragua (AmCham Nicaragua). He positively considers the private sector as "key to socio-economic development of the country." 

At this meeting, the two sides exchanged views on different issues, such as investment and land acquisition, etc. HKND Group reiterated that they respect the laws of Nicaragua and act in accordance with them. Furthermore, HKND Group presented the progress of the Canal Project, which is scheduled to begin later this year. 

The Investment and Commerce Committee of AmCham Nicaragua highlighted the importance of transparency, communication and fair and equitable treatment of the right of third parties so that an infrastructure of such magnitude can reach its full potential, so that unnecessary disputes that would arise to affect the business climate in Nicaragua and the image of HKND would be avoided. AmCham proposed an open communication channel with HKND Group in order to provide the necessary support for the project to become a win-win for everyone. 

HKND Group representatives expressed that they have been very well received in all the events that they have been invited and have participated. They had frank exchanges and have received suggestions. It has been very positive to participate in all the activities promoted by business leaders and the private sector in Nicaragua.

The company representatives recently attended several events by invitation, such as the 40th Anniversary of the founding of AmCham Nicaragua, on August 29; the Inauguration of the President and Vice President of the National Council of Universities (CNU); and a meeting with leaders of the labor union federations of Nicaragua, on September 8; among others. Bernard Li expresses that "in all these activities we had the opportunity to meet with distinguished business and union leaders, and representatives of sectors of the education area. Working hand in hand with trade unions, businessmen and universities, we will make the dream of one hundred years of Nicaraguans a reality: to have their own Interoceanic Canal."