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Meeting with Labor Union Leaders of Nicaragua 2014-12-7 12:33

On December 5, 2014, HKND Group met with leaders of various labor unions of Nicaragua in the Secretariat of the Presidency, with whom the representatives of the company had an exchange on the economic progress and job opportunities that the Grand Canal Project will generate for Nicaragua.

The union leaders actively engaged in the conversation, commenting that the Grand Canal Project will be the engine of economic growth in Nicaragua and is the most realistic way for the Nicaraguan people to be lifted out of poverty. They all agreed that the Grand Inter-oceanic Canal of Nicaragua will create more employment opportunities for Nicaraguans, at least 50,000 direct jobs in the five years of construction and more indirect opportunities that allow people to have decent jobs and incomes, and help many families to enjoy a happier life. All the union representatives declared their full support to the Grand Canal of Nicaragua, and demonstrated their confidence in a pleasant future cooperation with HKND Group. At the same time, they expected HKND Group to propose in advance the employment needs according to the Project process, to facilitate the timely training, education and certification of the unions, so that they can keep pace with the progress of the Project.

Mr. Dong Lu, General Manager of the Public Relations Department of HKND Group, answered questions raised by representatives, and undertook on behalf of the company that HKND Group will respect and protect the legal rights of all employees. He said the Grand Canal Project has been the century-old dream of Nicaraguan people and has received support from all walks of life, including the labor unions. "Today's meeting is a new beginning. There will be more talks in the future for the Nicaraguan people to have more opportunities to learn about and participate in the construction of the Grand Canal Project, since the support and participation of the people from the country is the important guarantee to the success of the Project, "he said.

The friendly meeting was attended by the following 16 representatives from unions of various sectors such as education, construction and health, namely, Antonio Zepeda (AGRO-FNT), José Antonio Zepeda (ANDEN), Nilo Salazar (CGT Independent), Justa Pérez (IHFOCATT -FNT), Luis Barbosa (CST-JBE), Adrian Martinez (CTCP), José Espinoza Navas (CUS), José Bricuela and Roberto Moreno (CUT), Fredy Franco (FEPDES-ATD), Maritza Spinal (FESITUN), Andres Zamora (FETSALUD), Jose Angel Bermudez and Miriam Reyes (FNT), Eduardo Zapata Altamirano (FISHERIES-FNT), Asuncion Alonso (SCAASS-CST) and Domingo Pérez (UNE).

Photo taken after the friendly meeting