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Speech by Chairman Wang At Commencement Celebration 2014-12-25 23:57

Your Excellence, the President Daniel Ortega Saavedra; distinguished Coordinator of Communication and Citizenship Commission Rosario Murillo; distinguished friends from the Government of the Republic of Nicaragua and the Nicaragua Canal and Development Project Commission. Distinguished guests:

This morning witnessed the successful Ceremony of the Start-up Project of the Grand Canal of Nicaragua in Rivas. The Grand Canal, carrying the Nicaraguans’ happy future, with all our efforts, began on schedule though in doubts from the world and will definitely change the pattern of global maritime trade. 

When we talk about the Grand Canal of Nicaragua, it always reminds us the century-old dream shared by many people in history, which of course rest with the thick blueprints and papers. Until today, this dream of over a hundred years has gone through the time channel echoing the roaring of trucks and heavy machineries now in front of us. People cannot help wondering whether the dream comes true in this century. If so, what we will get and what we will lose? How that a dream wasn't realized for so many generations, will become a reality today? In fact, during the last two years, we have encountered challenges in all aspects. Being regarded as the largest infrastructure project of the human history is not only simply meant to the huge amounts of excavations through the mountains, constructions of roads and bridges overwater. In more than two years, the doubts and speculations on the Canal Project about protection of the environment, resettlement, technology, machinery, finance, law, politics, experience, equipment, etc. never stopped. Today we proudly announce that we have overcome all those challenges. With the full support of President of Nicaragua and relevant government departments, and with the concerted efforts of world-class companies and scientists from countries like the US, UK, Belgium, Australia and China, and esp. with the overall understanding recognition and support of Nicaraguans, we have made the milestone commencement with full confidence. 

In the process of economic and social developments in recent decades, China has accumulated the most extensive and valuable experiences in vast infrastructures and a large number of highly competitive leading companies have emerged. Meanwhile, the good characteristics of Chinese people, like no fear of suffering, courage to act and willing to work hard, enable our Chinese companies with the courage to develop the largest and most complex Project of the humanity, the Grand Canal of Nicaragua.

2100 years ago, the brave Chinese sages explored and established the Silk Road, which helped to promote the progress of human civilization and benefit the prosperity of many countries and nations. Most importantly, the great spirit of the Silk Road created, inherited by our Chinese remains in history with full vigor over 2000 years. The Silk Road represents mutual benefits, inclusiveness and progress and lays the core value of the  civilization of the world, makes it possible that after 2000 years, we can still enjoy a colorful and prosperous society.

The ancestral mark remains in the blood and the heart of Chinese companies. Making great contribution to the world in the new era by our Chinese people in building a new Maritime Silk Road of the 21st Century has been our huge engine and source of courage and confidence to develop the Grand Canal of Nicaragua.

The distinguished President Daniel Ortega and his government give highly importance to the livelihood of the Nicaraguan people, placing on the highest priority combating poverty, with the sustainable development and environmental protections. The desire and enthusiasm of the Nicaraguan people to overcome poverty, to pursue happiness, and to build a better country, are the most powerful guarantee for the success of our project.

Today we began the star-up work of the Grand Canal Project. We are quite aware of the great responsibilities and a long way to walk through. Though there will be more obstacles to overcome, there is no turning back for a discharged arrow, we will devote all our wisdom and courage to fulfill this historic task, in carrying out the construction with scientific planning, careful organization and solid work, with the attitude of being responsible for the Nicaraguans, for the history and for the future.

Regarding a number of important and sensitive issues for the life of all Nicaraguans, such as environmental protection, resettlement, jobs, etc., we will work in  the principles of being transparent and impartial, taking all necessary measures to improve the living standard of the Nicaraguan people. Through actual actions, we can demonstrate to the world that we are builders, not destroyers; what we bring is wealth and dignity, and what we drive off is poverty and backwardness.

Dear friends, achieving the goal of the Canal operation, needs you, needs me, and needs them. We need everyone to join his efforts and to work hand in hand. I am confident that we will succeed, and that victory will belong to us.

The Grand Canal of Nicaragua will be a great contribution to their wealth of Nicaragua people and to the development of the humanity. It will also be a great contribution of Chinese and foreign enterprises to the human development, when they are realizing their own value.

And let us bless and create immortal glory for the Maritime Silk Road of the 21st century, which will carry the dream and happiness of future generations and promote in Nicaragua profounder integration and prosperity of East and West. Let's work hard together!

Today through the television transmission, I’d like to express that Chinese companies and Chinese have arrived at this beautiful country to build it and not to destroy or damage it. We vow to respect all the rights and interests of the Nicaraguan people. The resettlement work will be based on the principles of being equitable, fair, public and transparent. Without the consent of the owners, or the satisfaction with the compensation, not a single plant on their land will be touched.

Since the establishment of HKND, each member of the company has treated himself or herself as a Nicaraguan. In order to build a prosperous, beautiful homeland and establish good relations with the people, also to make sure that the Canal Project goes well and the century-old dream can come true shortly, HKND will assume greater social responsibility and fulfill more public obligations.

Here I present the charity programs of HKND for 2015:

In 2015, HKND will finance 50 Nicaraguan college students to have advanced studies in China, assuming the tuition fees, living expenses, insurances and airline round way tickets. I hope they can achieve academic success in China and return to Nicaragua to build a more prosperous country.

HKND will sponsor 10 ambulances, 10 fire vehicles, and will renovate  three hospitals in the Canal Project area, to help improve medical conditions and quality of life of Nicaraguans.

It is the best wish of all HKND staff that the life of Nicaraguans could get better every day. We will intensify our efforts to fulfill the responsibilities of social welfare, because we are a family.

Thank you all.