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Wang Jing, Chairman and President

Born in December 1972 in Beijing, China, Mr. Wang Jing is a prominent entrepreneur who has founded and invested in businesses across a wide spectrum of sectors including major infrastructure construction, mining, aerospace and telecommunication over the past two decades. Currently, Mr. Wang Jing serves as legal representative, Chairman and President of over 30 enterprises including Beijing Xinwei Telecom Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Xinwei Group), Hong Kong Skyrizon Holding Limited and HK Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Co., Limited. (HKND Group).

Mr. Wang Jing is the Chairman of Board, CEO, President, legal representative and also the largest shareholder of Xinwei Group (600485.SH). With world-leading wireless communication technologies, Beijing-based Xinwei Group is the only enterprise in China that has developed several national and ITU (International Telecommunications Union) standards.

Mr. Wang Jing is the sponsor of the Nicaragua Grand Canal Project, the founder and owner of HKND Group and serves as its Chairman and President. As an international infrastructure development company specialized in mega-projects, HKND Group possesses the exclusive rights to plan, design, construct and thereafter operate and manage the Nicaragua Canal and other subprojects including two ports, roads, an international airport, a free trade zone, tourist resorts for up to 100 years.

Mr. Wang Jing and his team will be fully devoted to the Nicaragua Grand Canal Project and work tirelessly towards its timely and successful completion.