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News Summary: Italian companies visit Nicaragua and expressed interest in the Grand Canal 2015-5-19 11:06

Italian companies visited Nicaragua in the context of the Euro Fair 2015 and held meetings with private sector leaders and senior government officials, as reported by local media such as El Nuevo Diario, La Prensa, and 19 Digital, among others.

Italian companies visited Nicaragua.
Photograph: El 19 Digital

In the context of the meetings, the Commercial Attaché of the Embassy of Italy, Yvette Belardo, said that these companies already know well the Central American area, so they are coming to Nicaragua due to the new opportunities that the country is opening.

"About the Canal, they are also interested, because they are companies involved in construction, foundations, energy in general," she said.

The business representatives met with the President of the Superior Council of the Private Enterprise (COSEP), José Adán Aguerri, and the President of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Construction, Rodrigo Pereira. Carlos Morales, Commercial Manager of TreviGroup for Panama and Central America, said they are looking with great interest the construction of the Interoceanic Canal.

Italian companies visit COSEP
Photograph: El Nuevo Diario

TreviGroup, as an important global player, met with General Alvaro Baltodano, Presidential Delegate for Investments; Dr. Paul Oquist, Minister Private Secretary of Public Policies of the Presidency, and Laureano Ortega, PRONicaragua Advisor and representative of the agency to the Canal Commission, to learn about the business environment, legal security for investment and the Project of the Interoceanic Grand Canal.

Carlos Morales, Commercial Manager of TreviGroup for Panama and Central America.
Photograph: El Nuevo Diario

After the meeting, Carlos Morales said that they are "following with great interest and great expectation the possibility that the Canal is implemented here in Nicaragua. We also see that the country’s conditions are good. There is a friendly and favorable business environment, and if those works (of the Canal) are carried out, we also would like to be active participants here. "

In an interview of La Prensa, Morales stressed that "TreviGroup has experience in dams and ports, in addition to its current participation in the expansion project of Panama Canal, where we have had a significant and direct participation".

The representative of TreviGroup explained about the works conducted on the Panama Canal which consist of "membrane drilling injections with very high American supervision standards; for the main work, also membrane injections, piles, micro piles, anchors, bolts, a whole school about the variety of works done. We have covered many of the geotechnical work being done today. "

TreviGroup, founded in 1957, has branches in over 80 countries and has been involved in major projects like the Ertan and the Three Gorges dams in China; the expansion of the Panama Canal and other works in the US, Japan, Egypt, Argentina, Nigeria, Afghanistan, etc.

According to El Nuevo Diario, two very prestigious and internationally renowned Italian companies, have decided to open offices in Managua, attracted not only by the official announcements of the construction of an Interoceanic Canal in Nicaragua, but by the strong and sustained growth the country has experienced in recent years.

The Italian firm TreviGroup has its eye on Nicaragua, "by being an attractive destination due to its public safety, a stable and steadily growing economy, with high indexes of foreign direct investment, in addition to the Interoceanic Canal Project", the company said in a press release.

"The Canal is like the cherry on the cake, but Nicaragua is not only that, we already had operations in the country for years. The hope is to participate in the logistical support of what could be the future of the Canal, if indeed it is developed", said Luca Sigot, manager of Savino del Bene Company in Costa Rica, which ten days ago started operations in Managua.

La Prensa daily published statements by senior government officials: to the Minister Private Secretary of Public Policies of the Presidency, Paul Oquist, the visit of the representatives of the Italian company TreviGroup "is opportune since the company's presence in the country will allow them not only to participate in the bidding process of the works of the Grand Canal, but also identify other opportunities that are being generated by other infrastructure megaprojects driven by the investment boom currently experienced by the country. "

Local media reproduced statements by the President of COSEP, Jose Adan Aguerri who emphasized "that it is good news that companies of this size, as Trevi, are making the decision to enter Nicaragua, to open offices, and seek to be part of the growth we have in the country”.

According to El Nuevo Diario, Laureano Ortega, PRONicaragua adviser, said the presence of foreign investors is due to the "interest that the Grand Canal Project has caused at an international level".

Alvaro Baltodano, Presidential Delegate for Investments, exposed to the foreign entrepreneurs the conditions and business and investment opportunities that exist in the country, according to a press release.

Baltodano also highlighted the progress made in the free trade agreements, signed by Nicaragua with countries of the European Union, the United States and the Central American Common Market.

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