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Prensa Latina: Excavated material from the Nicaragua Canal will help with land rehabilitation 2015-7-4 14:37

Managua, June 22 (Prensa Latina). The excavated material along the Nicaragua Canal will be deposited in designed areas, zones converted into fertile land for agriculture, said a representative of the Chinese company HKND Group, concessionaire of the canal, in the statements released today.

According to the Chief Project Advisor of the company, Bill Wild, it is estimated that between 30,000 and 40,000 hectares of highly productive land will be created thanks to this operation.

With respect to Lake Cocibolca, the largest lake in the Central American, which will be traversed by the canal, Wild pointed out that two large islands with rock walls will be created in order to deposit the dispersive material extracted from the lakebed.

When referring to the extraction techniques, he said that a suction system with giant tubes will absorb sediments as a vacuum.

In this way, he said: “we will ensure that the material is not released into the lake, it will not cause sedimentation or turbidity and it will not affect the water quality.”

"The lake is one of the biggest concerns of people. We are confident and committed not to affect it, but to protect it," stated the advisor during an interview published on the website of El Nuevo Diario.

On the other hand, he responded the concerns expressed by Costa Rica with respect to the mega-project.

We can state clearly and affirmatively that the canal will not cause adverse impacts on such country, neither on the San Juan River, he said.

Rio San Juan
Photograph: La Voz del Sandinismo (Nicaragua)

The canal, which will connect the Atlantic to the Pacific, will be 278 kilometers long, of which 105 km will go through the Lake, according to the official data.

The total project cost is valued at 50 billion dollars and its construction is expected to be completed within five years.


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