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John Murray, Senior Advisor, Asset, Supply Chain and Construction

Mr. John Murray's 28-year professional career has spanned international construction, mining and supply chain industries, leading principle, contractor and supplier aspects of business in the mechanical engineering, fleet management and distribution fields.

As a recognized industry leader Mr. Murray levers his in-depth knowledge of each stakeholders' business drivers to coordinate and deliver commercially viable and sustainable projects on time and budget.

Mr. Murray's professional leadership is specifically recognized for all things fleet and asset management to successfully deliver large scale bulk earthworks projects and mine plans.

Prior to joining the Nicaragua canal development team, Mr. Murray served in over 20 countries with RJ Levak Contractor as Mechanical Engineer (1986-1993), Leighton Contractors Asia as Asset and Operations Superintendent Hong Kong/ Malaysia (1993-1998), Finning (Cat) as Technical Manager (1998-1999) , Leighton Contractors Indonesia as Asset and Regional Manager (1999-2004), Trakindo Utama (Indonesia Cat dealer and principle) as General Manager Mining (2004-2007), Leighton Contractors International as General Manager Operations (2008-2009) and Leighton Contractors Asia as General Manager Assets and Supply Chain (2009-2015).

Throughout the various engagements Mr. Murray successfully managed and delivered fleets in excess of 6,000 asset including all aspects of supply chain (circa US$1.5b), teams of over 7,000 people including all aspects of training and safety, supply chain and sub contracts in excess of US$2b with over 1.5m periodic purchases, planned maintenance programmes with over 150k periodic events, 200m bank cubic meters of material movement annually and demobilization-sales-redistribution of asset fleets post completions, all of which are amongst Mr. Murray's skills and recognised achievements.

With regards to the Integrated Nicaragua Grand Canal Development Project, Mr. Murray’s mission is to build an effective team and lead application aligned fleet design, effective fleet resourcing budget, supply chain program and structured operations-organisation to enable delivery of the project.