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ACAN-EFE: Eight thousand workers were trained for the Interoceanic Canal 2015-7-9 14:05

Managua, July 3 (ACAN-EFE). - About 8,000 workers were certified in 2014 to work for the construction of the Nicaragua Interoceanic Grand Canal and a similar number of workers will be ready by early 2016, a union source said today.

"In view of the canal works, we did not sit back with our arms crossed; 8,000 workers were certified last year, and for the next year there will be 8,000 more ", said the leader of the Jose Benito Escobar Sandinista Workers’ Central (CST-JBE), Luis Barbosa, during a meeting between trade unionists and the Interoceanic Grand Canal Commission of Nicaragua.

The workers were certified as carpenters, masons, ship operators, electricians, plumbers, foremen, among others, according to CST-JBE.

The firm HKND Group, which has the exclusive concession for the construction and administration of the project, has announced that at least 50,000 workers will be needed for the construction, which would last five years.

"The canal will make an impact thanks to the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs, and it will improve the current employment conditions and the conditions of Nicaraguan families", said the Commission spokesman, Telemaco Talavera.

The project consists of a waterway that is 278 kilometers long and at least 230 meters wide and 30 meters deep, plus an airport, two ports, a free trade area, tourist resorts, roads, an artificial lake, two locks.

Its cost is valued at 50,000 million dollars, according to HKND.

Such project would double Nicaragua's economic growth, which in the past year was of 4.7%, according to the Central Bank of Nicaragua.

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