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Australian Consulting Company Will Help Identify Seismic Risks for the Canal of Nicaragua 2015-9-23 09:39


The Australian-based international geology and resource consulting company CSA Global will collaborate to determine the seismic risks for the Canal of Nicaragua and for Central America, official media reported today. 

"CSA Global will provide assistance to Nicaragua with regard to seismic issues so as to create, through this work, a center of excellence for monitoring seismic activity, which will benefit both the country and the Central American region," says the report.

The Australian company will initiate the aerial geological study this week for the construction of the Grand Canal of Nicaragua.

The Chinese company HKND Group, concessionaire of the Grand Canal of Nicaragua project, reported last August that it had contracted the consulting company CSA Global to conduct an aerial geological survey along the route of the canal and the shoreline of the Great Lake or Lake Nicaragua.

The Nicaragua Canal project is 276 kilometers long, 230 to 520 meters wide and 30 meters deep, which is three times larger than the one operating in Panama.

The work would split the country in two and cross the Lake Nicaragua.

The project comprises several sub-projects, including an airport, two ports, an artificial lake, two locks, a free trade zone, several roads and a couple of tourist resorts.

The project is valued by the Chinese concessionaire at 50,000 million and will require about 50,000 workers.


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