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HKND Group appoints British Firm BMT to develop "Canal and Ports Operation Plans" 2015-12-10 15:59

Signing ceremony between HKND Group and BMT Asia Pacific
Photograph: HKND Group

On December 8th, 2015, HKND Group, concessionaire of the Nicaragua Interoceanic Grand Canal project, has entered into an agreement in Hong Kong with international marine infrastructure, design and engineering consultancy BMT Asia Pacific to develop Canal and Ports Operations Plans and refine the integrated port-canal business modelling. 

The Plans and Assessments comprises of a four step approach covering Canal and Port geometry, alignment, navigation, traffic, cycle times and infrastructure integration. 

BMT has a rich history with over 30 years' experience in the International Maritime Transport industry, BMT was formed from a merger of the UK British Ship Research Association and National Maritime Institute, and has turned into a leading international design, engineering, science and risk management consultancy. Located in 60 offices around the world, BMT draws upon a wide range of experience and expertise throughout the maritime industry, and actively involved in various canal expansion projects.

“The operations plans and assessments will progress and validate pre-works planning and design from the shipping industry perspective, fine tuning alignment geometry, while ensuring relevant canal capacity and safety”, states senior advisor of HKND Group, John Murray.

Executive Vice President of HKND Group, Pang Kwok Wai adds: “The Nicaragua Canal design will accommodate a variety of vessels from current to future ultra-class vessels, at reference design stage optimizing geometry and planning integration of vessel movements through the canal, ports and ocean approaches is critical to developing a future proof canal and infrastructure”.    

Dr Richard D Colwill, Managing Director at BMT Asia Pacific comments, “We are very pleased to be putting our expertise to work on behalf of HKND, and to the benefit of the development and the environment.” 

“Our Study will seek to articulate a solution that minimizes canal excavation while ensuring adequate canal capacity and safety. A crucial part of that solution involves sophisticated navigation and transport simulation, which will set the basis for identifying a design that balances excavation CAPEX with operational safety, efficiency and capacity,” he said.

The operations plans will cover the 276km Atlantic to Pacific proposed canal route and ports including marshaling areas and anchorages. The study operational plans and assessments are expected to be complete by March 2016.


The signing ceremony was held in the headquarters of HKND Group in Hong Kong. From left to right in the photo, Li Wenjie (CEO Representative and CAO of HKND Group), John Murray (Senior Advisor of HKND Group), Pang Kwok Wai (Executive Vice President of HKND Group), and Dr Richard D Colwill (Managing Director at BMT Asia Pacific).

Photograph: HKND Group

Navigation Simulation with BMT REMBRANDT at public consultation in Holland, for demonstrating safe access to local port
Photograph: BMT