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Prensa Latina: Evangelical Community of Nicaragua supports the Grand Canal Project 2015-12-24 17:10

Managua, December 22 (PL) The Nicaraguan Federation of Evangelical Churches, which gathers more than 400 religious leaders of that community, expressed today their support for the construction of the Nicaragua Interoceanic Grand Canal.

A seven-point statement was delivered to the main authorities of the Commission responsible for developing the megaproject. It was issued by the National Panel on the technical progress and ESIA studies, which was held in this capital city in late November.

Present at that dialogue were 430 pastors of those churches, together with representatives of the government, the Canal Commission, the Chinese concessionaire of the project (HKND Group) and environmental organizations.

The statement calls on all sectors of Nicaraguan society and international multilateral agencies to support the construction of the Canal project," which will contribute to social, environmental and economic development for all people in general".

It urges the Government to combine the wills of everyone in the country to make the gigantic work happen, and seeks a vote of confidence from the people to the Executive management on this front.

It calls on HKND consortium to execute the construction with strategic quality, capable of providing the best viable socio-economic and environmental security for the interests of the vast majority of Nicaraguans.

It also calls to ensure that the socio-economic compensation will be as fair as possible to families related to the territory where the trench of the future waterway is projected, as well as the protection of biodiversity in the Great Lake Nicaragua.

The document recommends with high priority the employment of qualified and professional labor forces from this country, as well as engagement of companies in the private and public sectors, which will contribute to the growth of formal employment in the Nicaraguan economy.

After receiving the text, the Commission's spokesman, Telémaco Talavera described it as "a voice of hope, and commitment so that Nicaragua keeps moving forward and transforming itself for the good of this generation and the future generations".


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