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HKND Group Releases First Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2017-6-30 09:25

· Fulfillment of CSR in Multiple Dimensions

In June 2017, HKND Group, Chinese promoter of the Nicaragua Canal Project, released the first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report to share with the community and stakeholders information on the company’s CSR achievements during the implementation of the Canal Project.

The CSR Report of about ten thousand words provides a comprehensive review of HKND Group’s approach to put the idea of building a “green canal” into practice. By detailing a series of activities concerning the canal and launched by HKND Group to promote sustainable development, the report also demonstrates in depth the company’s corporate culture, as well as its commitment and contribution to environmental protection, community construction and event sponsorship.

As summarized in the report, the corporate culture of HKND Group is composed of four elements, namely Honest, Keen, Novel and Developmental. Honesty is the foundation and cornerstone for all the endeavors of HKND Group. Keen represents the company’s relentless pursuit of its dreams and goals. Innovation is built into the gene of HKND Group. And development is one of the goals chased by the company. These four elements form the core culture of HKND, and also bring a new interpretation to its company name.

In addition to the efforts made to improve the ecological environment in Nicaragua, HKND Group also supported environmental education in local primary and secondary schools. With tree-planting as the theme of the educational activity, HKND Group officially launched the “Educational Reforestation Program in Rivas Department”. In Rivas Department, more than 160 educators from primary and secondary schools attended the training sessions, and a total of 3,000 students participated in the tree planting activities launched on campus, and also long-term technical guidance was provided to around 15,000 teachers, students and parents. The report also mentions that early at the route selection stage, HKND Group had carried out extensive investigations and studies. Despite the higher construction cost, the final alignment was chosen as it can protect the mangroves, wetlands, natural palm forest and marine reserves, and also reduce disturbance on the local communities and minimize impacts on indigenous territories. 

Business interest is closely correlated with public interest of communities where projects are located. HKND Group has been deeply involved in all aspects of social life of the local community, including archaeology, culture, sports, etc. It has strengthened communication and connection with local communities by supporting archaeological investigations, sponsoring surfing competition and baseball games as well as launching the interactive radio campaign. While promoting the Canal Project, HKND Group also introduces Chinese culture to Nicaraguans through local media and its own social media pages, and at the same time introduces Nicaraguan custom, traditional culture and tourism information to Chinese people who are interested in this project. 

The Nicaragua Grand Canal, carrying the century-old dream of Nicaraguan people, is a comprehensive infrastructure project of global significance. As the exclusive concessionaire of the Canal Project, HKND fully understand that without strong commitment to the sustainable development of local environment and society, the project is no way near to fulfill the expectations of Nicaraguan people and achieve long-term development. Upholding the concept of sustainable development, HKND carried out a series of activities in collaboration with Nicaraguan Government and local authorities in 2016, including widely-recognized reforestation programs, archeological studies and interactive radio campaign. We are dedicated to sustaining ecological environment, preserving indigenous culture and history, as well as supporting school education. With each of these endeavors, HKND Group has demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility, and also set an example for Hong Kong enterprises in serving the role of a “super connector” under the Belt and Road Initiative.

In order to share with the public and interested parties from all over the world the achievements accomplished by HKND in respect of corporate social responsibility fulfillment, the Corporate Social Responsibility Report is now fully open to the public access and is available in three languages (Chinese, English and Spanish). The public can access the report via HKND Group’s official website