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HKND Group drives the nursery progress at National Agrarian University 2017-11-5 10:09

In an effort to help protect and conserve Nicaragua's natural resources and in its eagerness to continue promoting the massive reforestation program along the Interoceanic Canal route, HKND Group, concessionaire of this megaproject, supports the National Agrarian University (UNA in Spanish) in the expansion of the nursery that this study center has in Managua. The nursery will have 800 square meters after the expansion.

More specifically, HKND Group makes available all necessary materials to build the nursery expansion, including the irrigation system, tools, seeds and fertilizers for the plants, and provides support by training the workforce required to maintain the facility, who will be fully devoted to the operation of this nursery. For its part, UNA provides experience to operate the facility.

"The nursery has an annual production of less than five thousand seedlings and with the help of HKND Group we will expand our nursery and we expect to produce fifty thousand seedlings annually. In addition to improving infrastructure, students who specialize in forestry engineering will also be able to acquire new knowledge and skills from practical activities that will be carried out in the expanded nursery," said Francisco Reyes, professor at the Department of Natural Resources and Environment at UNA.

About 17 species will be planted in this nursery, including rapidly maturing common species, pioneer species, species that are specifically aimed at relocating animals, endangered species and commercial trees for medicinal or human consumption. Some of the plants are Quebracho, Silk tree and Elephant-ear tree, Golden Trumpet Tree, Rain tree, Pintadillo or Casa Iguana, Pink Shower Tree, among others.

Francisco Reyes, professor at the Department of Natural Resources and Environment at UNA

Sustainable operational system

HKND Group states that "this model of cooperation with the National Agrarian University establishes a sustainable operational system for the nursery to grow quality plants for the massive reforestation program along the Canal route in the future, and promotes human talent which will serve as the basis for long-term environmental protection in Nicaragua."

HKND Group constantly reminds Nicaraguans of the Grand Canal commitment to provide the means to reforest large areas of southern Nicaragua, which are currently severely degraded due to logging and burning activities. In addition, "HKND Group will initiate a major reforestation program that will help reverse the current trend to damage the environment and will provide employment opportunities to the population. The establishment of nurseries is the first step in this comprehensive reforestation program, the firm says.

With the support to the nursery at UNA, college students are also encouraged to be an active part of the project within the same alma mater and to put into practice the theoretical techniques of tree cultivation as a way to hone their professional skills.

The nursery before expansion

More projects to safeguard the environment in Nicaragua

This nursery is the first of several environmental projects that HKND Group plans to run together with more educational institutions so as to promote the Canal's environmental programs. In addition, the project is part of the corporate social responsibility actions that are constantly and continuously promoted by HKND Group in order to protect and conserve nature for the benefit of the Nicaraguan people.

HKND Group points out that the Nicaragua Interoceanic Canal is a project that crosses different terrains, such as forests, rivers and mangroves with unique biodiversity systems, therefore, the firm needs to have the most appropriate means to protect and mitigate environmental risks, which is achieved through reforestation. Furthermore, HKND Group maintains close relationships with experts and authorities from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Marena) with the purpose of implementing the best solutions to safeguard the environment in Nicaragua.