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Extensive Exchanges with International Organizations 2013-12-15 16:03

Senior management from HKND led by Ms. Wenjie Li (Chief Administrative Officer), Mr. Bill Wild (Chief Project Advisor) and Mr. Dong Lu (General Manager of PR Department) made several visits from December 2nd to December 9th , 2013 to various international organizations including the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Fauna & Flora International (FFI), the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Secretariat of the Ramsar Convention (RAMSAR), in Washington DC, New York, London and Geneva respectively. Experts from ERM and McKinsey coordinated and participated in the road show. 

During the road show, HKND demonstrated their sincerity of attaching great importance to the environmental protection of Nicaragua while implementing the Canal project. They briefed the relevant international organizations of the progress of the feasibility studies and elaborated on the specific measures of protecting the ecological environment of Nicaragua. The international organizations expressed great interest in the project and said they would continue to follow its progress and provide support and guidance when necessary.