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Announcement of the Selected Route for the Grand Canal of Nicaragua 2014-7-9 08:03

The selected route for the Grand Canal of Nicaragua was announced at a conference held at the Hotel Intercontinental Managua at 17:00 local time July 7, 2014, with the participation of more than 260 people and with the presence of national and international media. The mainstream media had coverage that involved the whole process and broadcasted live in real time, recording this historic moment. 

Telemaco Talavera, spokesperson for the Canal Project, chaired the conference and delivered the opening speech. He said that the Grand Canal has a very important meaning for the future of Nicaragua, because the Canal will not only contribute to the generation of jobs, but will also stimulate the growth of national Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and promote the environmental, social and economic development. 

HKND and ERM made presentations of the project from two aspects, the technical and the environmental & social impacts of the Project. In the presentation made by HKND, the profound significance of the construction of the Grand Canal of Nicaragua were presented. The technical, geological, cultural and environmental factors that were considered in the selection of the route were also explained. The six subprojects were also presented: the canal, ports, free trade area, holiday resorts, the airport and highways. HKND gave specific answers to several issues and said that the operation of the canal will not cause changes in the level of Lake Nicaragua, and that the canal deposits being excavated will be installed along canal deposits and that the volcanoes will not have an effect on the normal operation of the Canal. 

HKND reiterated its commitment to work with the Nicaraguan people, to build an environmental-friendly Grand Canal that benefits the nation. 

In the subsequent presentation by ERM, great economic benefit for the country in terms of jobs and increased economic activity is stressd. The design plan of the route will be achieved with minimal social and environmental impacts to Nicaragua. At the same time, HKND already has a corresponding plan and solutions to the impacts that are constantly optimized during future work. HKND is committed in working with the Government of Nicaragua and stakeholders in order to avoid, minimize and compensate for impacts on the environment and to move towards sustainable development. The commitment is to have a net positive impact on the conservation of wildlife, increased rainforest habitat in southeastern Nicaragua, improving the living conditions of communities and self-determination of indigenous peoples. With the hope of the Nicaraguan people for the smooth progess of the Grand Canal project, the conference was concluded successfully. 

Prior to the conference, HKND and ERM had made their respective presentations to the Nicaragua Canal and Development Project Commission. The Commission approved unanimously the application of the selected route.