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Chairman Wang Jing Visited Nicaragua 2014-7-16 18:03

During July 6th to 9th, 2014, Mr. Wang Jing, Chairman and CEO of Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Co., Limited. (HKND) and his delegation visited Nicaragua.

On July 7th, in accordance with the procedure, key members of HKND team made presentations to the Nicaragua Canal and Development Project Commission (the “Commission”) and answered questions raised by the Commission members. The Commission consists of 21 members designated by Nicaragua government, including Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Minister of Finance and Public Credit, Chairman of Infrastructure and Public Service Committee of the National Assembly, leading official of Armed Forces and several engineering scientists, which covers a wide spectrum of Nicaraguan society. The whole process rigorously followed standard requirements. Route 4, selected based on a comprehensive study on environmental and social considerations, water resource, geological conditions and project investment won unanimous approval of the Commission. This marks the completion of project planning, which is the most important part of the feasibility study of the Nicaragua Grand Canal and has laid a solid foundation for subsequent actions. The subsequent press conference for the announcement of selected route for the Nicaragua Grand Canal was participated by over 260 people of all circles. Various reporters from mainstream medias had covered and broadcasted live the whole process of the conference and recorded this historic moment. 

On the very evening when the Grand Canal planning proposal was approved, Chairman Wang visited the National University of Engineering at the invitation of the National University Council (CNU) and had a discussion with nearly one thousand faculty and students. During the discussion, Chairman Wang said: “It’s the dream of Nicaragua people to eradicate poverty and build a bright future. Nicaragua Grand Canal will make this dream come true. It will create great opportunities for the economic development of Central American countries as well as the Caribbean region and become a new strategic engine for prospering and promoting world trade. In charge of such a complex mega-project, HKND attaches great importance to environmental protection and social impacts. During the entire process of feasibility research, these two factors have always been the top priority and served as the prioritized criteria during route selection”.

Chairman Wang emphasized during the discussion: “I hope all the students could study hard, acquire new skills and prepare yourselves for the construction of the Grand Canal. For the happiness of thousands of families and prosperity of your country, you should work hard and shoulder the historic responsibility of building a better country. The future belongs to you.”

In the Q&A session, Chairman Wang gave detailed answers to various questions raised by the students and the discussion was well met with laughter and applause. After almost two hours, the discussion drew to an end in the solemn national anthem of Nicaragua.

On July 8th, Chairman Wang got together with over 60 diplomats, including ambassadors/envoys to Nicaragua from different countries and representatives of international organizations. Chairman Wang made a brief introduction about the impact of Nicaragua Grand Canal on world trade, the way it would serve the global economy and how other countries could participate in its construction and operation. Diplomatic envoys raised questions they are concerned about and obtained satisfactory answers from Chairman Wang.

Subsequent to the event, Chairman Wang met with Ms. Ingrid Y. W. Hsing separately. Chairman Wang briefed Ms. Ingrid Y. W. Hsing about the communication with foreign diplomatic envoys to Nicaragua and the progress that has been made on the Grand Canal Project. Chairman Wang pointed out: “We are of one family. Both sides across the Taiwan Straits have entered an era of cultural, economic and trade exchange boom. Taiwan has extensive experience in port construction, logistics, ocean transportation, etc. We welcome Taiwan companies with competitive advantages to participate in the Nicaragua Canal project, so that both sides across the Taiwan Straits can work together to strive for sustainable development of world trade. " 

Ms. Ingrid Y. W. Hsing said: "I am very pleased to meet with Chairman Wang Jing, and I believe Taiwan enterprises have a strong interest to participate in the construction of the Grand Canal of Nicaragua. It’s a major cause with significant value to bring benefits to the Nicaraguan people and contribute to world trade and economic development. HKND is welcome to deepen exchanges with Taiwan to explore opportunities for Taiwan enterprises to make full use of their advantages in the construction of the Canal."

Chairman Wang Jing and Ms. Ingrid Y. W. Hsing also exchanged opinions on other topics of interest. 

At 18:00 pm, July 8, Chairman Wang Jing and the President of the Republic of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega co-chaired the Nationwide Live TV Speech at the Presidential Palace, which was broadcast live by TV stations across the country. President Ortega noted: "I sincerely congratulate Chairman Wang Jing and the HKND team on the positive and outstanding progress that has been made on the Grand Canal Project, and I thank Chairman Wang Jing and HKND for their extraordinary efforts. In his speech, President Ortega called on people across the country to be actively involved in the great project. The century-old dream of Nicaraguan people will soon become a reality, and the Nicaraguan people will walk out of poverty in pursuit of a happy and prosperous life. 

In his speech, Chairman Wang Jing said: "I would like to thank Nicaragua people for their unprecedented attention and tremendous support to the Canal project. HKND will always adhere to the principle of fairness, openness, justice and transparency, and deal with concerns and doubts with honest. We attach great importance to your concerns about environmental protection and social impacts. HKND is here to build a beautiful home and will by no means destroy natural resources. Our research team has brought together research experts from the world's most famous institutions together with substantial resources. Upholding the spirit of accountability, the research team has been conducting its work in a rigorous and prudent manner. The newly-approved canal planning proposal embodied efforts of HKND and all of its supporters. Our team even took the risk of lives during the research period, which serves as a strong evidence of HKND’s proposition of fairness and transparency as well as pragmatic and rigorous attitude. We value different voices as they will make us more detail-oriented and more accountable to the history and people. We are convinced that with all your support and our joint efforts, we will definitely be able to start constructing the Grand Canal by the end of this year as scheduled. Let us work together to achieve the common goal. " 

Chairman Wang Jing’s visit to Nicaragua was in the limelight of Nicaraguan media. His visit was widely covered by news media in Nicaragua including TV stations and newspapers. 

Chairman Wang and the delegation arrived in Nicaragua

HKND experts giving the presentation

During the press conference

Chairman Wang delivering a speech at National University of Engineering

During Chairman Wang's speech

A student asking questions

Chairman Wang answering students' questions

Chairman Wang communicating with diplomatic envoys to Nicaragua

UN representative to Nicaragua asking questions

Brazilian ambassador to Nicaragua asking questions

German ambassador to Nicaragua asking questions

Chairman Wang meeting with Ms. Ingrid Y. W. Hsing

Chairman Wang meeting with President Ortega

Chairman Wang co-chairing the nationwide live TV speech with President Ortega