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Scoping Meetings Concluded Successfully 2014-8-4 09:30

HKND and ERM successfully concluded the scoping meetings, which took place from July 21 to July 30, 2014 in various points across the country as part of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the Nicaragua Grand Canal Project.

As it was intended, the scoping meetings took place on July 21 in San Miguelito, in the Rio San Juan Department; on July 22 in Nueva Guinea and July 25 in Polo de Desarrollo, South Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAS); on July 28 in Rivas and on July 29 in Ometepe Island, Rivas Department; and on July 30 in Managua. 

More than 5,000 people participated in the scoping meetings including housewives, students, professionals, agricultural producers, fishermen, artisans, businessmen and scholars. Journalists belonging to over 30 mass media provided extensive coverage and had the opportunity of talking to the general population and to representatives from HKND and ERM, global consulting firm which has been hired to provide scientific foundation, independent and objective evaluation regarding the environmental and social impact created of the Project.

In each public consultation there was a table staffed by HKND personnel to talk about the Nicaragua Canal in general terms and the opportunities it provides for the development of the country. There were also tables staffed by the ERM team, which provided information about the water, biodiversity and local communities among other topics. 

The most frequent concerns expressed by the participants centered on topics such as land property, employment, business opportunities and the environment among others. ERM will elaborate a summary about the main concerns expressed by Nicaraguan citizens so that these can be included in the ESIA that is currently in process. Once finalized, the ESIA will be presented to Nicaraguan authorities for revision and its content will be shared with the general population.

HKND thanks Nicaraguans for their participation in this process of consultation, in which their concerns and expectation have been well-noted and highly appreciated. HKND encourages Nicaraguans to continue to contribute to the development of the Nicaragua Grand Canal project that is contributive to the economic, social and environmental growth in the country, which will result in a better quality of life for all Nicaraguans.

San Miguelito: Population registering at the registration table.

Nueva Guinea:  The Adventista school was completely full.

Nueva Guinea:  Population waiting in lines to enter the scoping meeting.

Polo de Desarrollo: Asking questions at HKND table.

Rivas: Alberto Vega, spokesperson for ERM, giving interviews to different media.

Managua: The last scoping meeting held at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Managua.

Group photograph of HKND/ERM team at the scoping meeting in Managua.